National Family Mediation has submitted that hands on action is necessary to encourage Family Courts to effectively use the powers they hold in terms of boosting mediation numbers.

The charity’s CEO Jane Robey said “We know government thinking is completely dominated by Brexit.  But no new legislation is needed: just the proper enforcement of existing court powers.  And we know the purse-strings are tight but this type of action would cost nothing.  Stronger monitoring and a more proactive government approach to enforcement would, we believe, transform the situation and avoid the embarrassment for Ministers of their current policy dying on its feet”

The charity considers that an increase in the use of family mediation could

  • discourage unnecessary court proceedings at public expense
  • encourage significant savings
  • provide value for money for taxpayers

Our view at Family Mediation North Wales is that family mediation works and offers a less stressful alternative to court proceedings which facilitates agreements, reducing conflict and promotes problem solving in a positive manner.  Families are supported to reach agreements which suit their family needs.

Watch this space for the future of the courts actions in consideration of NFM’s submissions