As the Divorce reform makes its way through Parliament, it is worth noting that one of the intentions in the law change is to reduce conflict between separating parents, in particular, where children are involved.  At the point of family breakdown, many difficulties arise in terms of agreeing future arrangements relating to both children and finances.  The most influential impact is the breakdown in communications which can arise in some families, creating conflict between the separating couple.  Conflict can have a profound and lasting impact upon children.  The reform is seeking to remove the requirement for fault or blame upon one of the couple in order to achieve a divorce.  It is hoped that the focus can be diverted from blame to support families in dealing with their futures themselves.
This supports the process of mediation, by contrast to court which facilitates communication in the hope that parents insight and understanding can be developed.  Arrangements for children requires good communication between separating parents.  The process of mediation is less costly that Court and can produce positive long term outcomes for children.